For over 20 years I have been turning my customers dreams into reality. Whether you're building a simple deck
or an elaborate living space, I'm an expert.
    Bringing the outdoors inside or creating an outdoor living
space, my goal is to create the highest quality deck appropriate to the setting, while at the same time being functional. I work with designers and landscapres to get the most out of your space.
    In the urban area, I deal with a lot of roof top decks, it
is of paramount importance to know how to build a floating deck, so to not disturb the watertight envelope.
   Get me involved early with your deck project, conception to
completion, so theory meets reality, I can help avoid common
mistakes and costly over runs.
    I take great pride in my innovative designs and quality
craftsmanship, so to maintain tight quality control I run one crew
and one job at a time only.
   I live and work in San Francisco and do one thing and one thing
only, I'm a deck builder.

   I look foward to working with you on your next project.
                                          Patrick Boyle
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 Quality Craftsmanship                   Innovative Designs
of San Francisco
Welcome to Decks Unlimited. 
Deck and Fence Licensed Contractor, Specialized in building decks 
for the urban setting.
License # 961833                                                                   Phone (415) 517-7182
Design build: Siding, Trim, Lighting, Planter, Irrigation. 
Design build. Overhead shade and weather awning. Cedar, adds 150 sq.ft. outdoor living space.
Design build. Cherry wood, Latter stairs to finish attic.
​Brazilian Iron wood "IPA" Design build, Privacy shield, balusters and cable railing, semi gloss finish.